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Global Wildlife Center will be closed for tours April 10, 2024 in anticipation of severe weather predicted.

baby giraffe amari with family

Global Wildlife Center Welcomes Baby Giraffe “Amari”

Global Wildlife Center Welcomes Baby Giraffe “Amari”

Look at this beautiful baby! Standing 5ft. 11 inches tall and weighing 145 lbs. at birth, our newest member of the reticulated giraffe family is a big one!

Sara the giraffe gave birth March 23, 2023 and she and her baby joined Global Wildlife Center’s tower of giraffes out on safari April 10! Dad Jett is very loving and we are so excited to celebrate the winners of the Name the Baby Giraffe Contest, Amber Gardner and Debora Portier.

They’ll receive a Global Wildlife Center Family Plus Membership and will be able to tour free all year long and watch Amari grow!

Her name is of African -Yoruban origin and means “great strength.”

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