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Two New Bottle Babies Make Three Baby Giraffes in 2023!

Meet our dynamic duo, Asha (4/19) and Jasiri (5/23), our two latest additions to the reticulated giraffe family at Global Wildlife Center! They say great things happen in threes and we are tickled PINK! to have not one, not two, but three baby girl giraffes at Global Wildlife Center this spring!!

The new babies were both born to first time moms Kya and Keisha and as a result were experiencing difficulty nursing, not unusual according to our attending veterinarian, Dr. Jonathan Bergmann. Global Wildlife Center would like to shout out thanks to Dr. Andrew Muir and the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine who assisted our attending veterinarian, Dr. Jonathan Bergmann and our Animal Care team with post-delivery care. We’re happy to report that both baby giraffes are doing very well and are inseparable! Asha and Jasiri are both being bottle-raised and diligently cared for by our devoted Animal Care team.

It will be a month or so before we can release the babies out on safari with the tower of giraffes, but in the meantime, Asha and Jasiri can be seen frolicking in the yard by the giraffe barn. The babies interact with the tower of giraffes daily; our Global Wildlife giraffe family frequently approaches the babies and sniffs and licks them through the fence. Meanwhile, 4 mo. old baby Amari has become very friendly with the safari wagons and Pinz and is letting guests get very close to her. We bet she’ll be feeding from feed cups any day now!

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