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Global Wildlife Center will be closed for tours April 10, 2024 in anticipation of severe weather predicted.

Shaping Tomorrow: Meet Some New Faces in Global Wildlife’s Vision for the Future

“Spot three new baby giraffes at north shore’s Global Wildlife Center”

There are three new faces at the North shore’s Global Wildlife Center. The trio of half-sister baby giraffes Amari, Asha and Jasiri were born last spring, and they all share the same father, Jett!  The calves are joining the thriving “tower” of 11 giraffes at the 900-acre preserve and  contributing to the conservation of the endangered reticulated giraffe species..

Global Wildlife Center is developing more each day! New owner Maci Matherne and Executive Director Christina Cooper are currently working with Global’s attending veterinarian and giraffe expert Dr. Jonathan Bergmann to design and install a new chute system in the giraffe barn. Ultimately, this will facilitate giraffe care without the need for anesthesia. This September, both Global Wildlife Center’s  Animal Care Managers Keirah and Erika attended the Giraffe Care Workshop at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. This intensive workshop and continuing education opportunity focused on training giraffes for voluntary husbandry care, including blood draws, hoof trims, injections and x-rays. 

Also committed to also supporting the future of giraffes in the wild, Global Wildlife Center and Foundation have contributed close to $20,000 in donations to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation in 2023.

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