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Getting up close and personal to giraffes at Global Wildlife Center.

Introducing Semi-Private Pinz Tours!

By popular demand, for a limited time…

By popular demand and request, Global Wildlife Center is now offering Semi-Private Pinz Tours! Ideal for singles, couples and trios, the Semi-Private Pinz tour does not have the minimum of 4 requirement to book. If you don’t mind sharing your ride with others, book a Semi-Private Pinz tour. Groups of three, singles, or couples can be combined for a maximum of six people per Pinz. You’ll pay the rate of $49.95, but there will be NO MINIMUM REQUIRED, so the Semi-Private Pinz tours offer a cheaper private safari for small groups!

The Private Pinz Tours have long been a popular upgrade from the Safari Wagon Tour, as they can traverse more areas of the wildlife preserve. The 4×4  Pinzgauers can go wherever the giraffes are, so are a wonderful way to increase the probability of one-on-one time with Global Wildlife Center’s tower of gentle giants. If you are a family of four or more, or want to ensure only your family and friends are on the tour with you, the Private Pinz tour is the way to go, but for small groups that don’t mind being combined, the Semi-Private Tour is a great alternative! For more information, call (985) 796-3585 x 0!

The Semi-Private Pinz Tours are now being offered on a trial basis at the 8:15 AM Check-in Time on Weekends and at the 9:30 AM Check-in Time on weekdays.

During the week we’ll be offering SEMI-PRIVATE TOURS at the 9:30 AM Check-in. See YOU on Safari! For a list of all Private and Semi-Private tour availability, visit https://globalwildlife.com/private-tours/

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