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Kameel the giraffe with birthday cake

Global Wildlife Celebrates Kameel The Giraffe’s 31st Birthday

Happy Birthday, Kameel!

Happy 31st Birthday, Kameel the giraffe! Kameel the reticulated giraffe at Global Wildlife Center stands out from the tower as the longstanding matriarch of Global’s giraffe family – and for being one of the oldest giraffes in the country.

Beloved by staff, Kameel’s captivating beauty, calm demeanor and sweetness of heart truly makes her one of the best beings to grace Global Wildlife. For thirty-one years, visitors have come to Global Wildlife Center to visit Kameel and appreciate the legacy she has created. Kameel is an exceptional mother, raising more than 10 giraffes in her lifetime and mothering other giraffe calves born on the wildlife preserve.

🦒 Born in 1993, Kameel is the first giraffe ever born at Global Wildlife and daughter of Slim and Daisy.

🦒 The average lifespan for giraffe in the wild is about 25 years – making Kameel’s 31st birthday all the more amazing!

🦒 Kameel has birthed more than 10 giraffe calves in her lifetime, including our second-oldest resident, 22 year-old Zira.

🦒Four generations of Kameel’s family live at Global Wildlife, including granddaughter Sara and great-granddaughter Amari.

🦒 As the resident matriarch, Kameel’s outstanding maternal instincts have been a wonderful example for the rest of the tower.

Kameel’s majestic beauty, calm demeanor, graceful leadership and embodiment of love is legendary at Global Wildlife Center, and she is a living testament to our mission of “Conservation at Work!”

Join Global Wildlife Center for a giraffe-tastic joint celebration of our matriarch Kameel the giraffe’s 31st birthday and World Giraffe Day on Saturday, June 22!

🦒Show us your spots! Wear your best giraffe print or animal attire!

🦒The first 100 guests to check-in at the Box Office wearing giraffe-festive attire for their tour will receive a special treat!

🦒Signature snowballs to support Giraffe Conservation Foundation and their efforts to protect giraffes in the wild!

🦒Educational opportunities about all things giraffe!

🦒Giraffe painted original art and crafts for the kids!

🦒Boss Hog’s Food Truck and music by Lake Ragan at the Visitor Center!

Ready to join the adventure? Booking your tickets is easy – click here to see available tours and encounters for Saturday, June 22.

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