Family & School Programs

Educational Programming

Choose from one of the following educational programs to add on before or after your tour!

DIY Reusable Eco-Bag

> Participants will learn the three R's of environmental conservation - reduce, reuse, and recycle.

> They will be given examples of what is done with trash, ways to limit trash output, and how they can do their part to help the environment.

> Using colored pencils and stencils, participants will be able to decorate their own reusable lunch bags to take home!

** Supplemental handouts available upon request **

Beat-the-Heat Neck Bandanas

> Participants will learn about adaptations animals make in order to survive.

> Participants will assemble their own cooling bandanas with cooling beads and have their choice from a variety of animal print bandanas.

> Not only do the bandanas provide a useful lesson on adaptation, they also keep the participants cool out on tour!

>The bandanas are a great reusable souvenir!

** Supplemental handouts available upon request **

Programs are offered at a rate of $5 per participant with registration.

Schools and groups: call or email for booking.

Families and Individuals: Look for dates of programming here.


Please call (985) 796-3585 or email reservations@globalwildlife.