Welcome to the Global Wildlife Center!                     Safari Wagon Check-In Times:      Sun, Feb. 26th: 9,10,11,12,1,2           Mon, Feb. 27th: 9,10,11,12,1,2           Tue, Feb. 28th: 9,10,11,12,1,2           Wed, March. 1st: 9,10,11,12,1,2           For additional tour check in times, visit our Safari Tour Page!           The Center will be closed on Saturday, April 1, 2017 due to a private event.           Private Pinz Tours are a great way to get up close and personal with over 4,000 wild and exotic animals! Call to book your private tour today.




At Global Wildlife Center, education is paramount. Children are taught the value of wildlife conservation and education through experience. The effectiveness of touch as a teaching tool is evident every day at Global Wildlife Center. Here children are able to wiggle a camel's hump, rub the giraffe's eighteen inch tongue, and feel the wooly fur of bison.

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Show your support for the animals at Global Wildlife Center by booking your school fieldtrip.  And, remember one teacher per class always tours free!  Come see for yourself how exciting education can be at Global Wildlife Center!

Harcourt ScienceGlobal Wildlife was even featured in the Life Science Unit of Harcourt Science Textbook, the text book used across the country for students in third grade.

Click here to see how Harcourt Science used Global Wildlife Center to teach about conservation!

Global Wildlife's mission of education is very important to the Center. Louisiana State Educational Benchmarks and Standards met through Global Wildlife Fieldtrips are as follows, as determined by Louisiana Resource Center for Educators:

  • K-4th grades: SI-E-A1-7; LS-E-A1-4;LS-E-B1-3;LS-E-C1-3;SE-E-A1-3,5
  • 5th-8th grades: SI-M-A1-8;LS-M-A3;LS-M-B3;LS-M-C1-4;LS-M-D1-2;SE-M-A1-2,4
  • 9th-12th grades: SI-H-A1-7; LS-H-B3-4; LS-H-C4-5; LS-H-D4; SE-A1-3, 8-10; SE-H-D1-2

Book your fieldtrip today! Call (985) 796-3585 Ext. 0 or email fieldtrips@globalwildlife.com For more information about school fieldtrips, or to access our free lesson plans for teachers, click on Teacher's Resource.

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