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What time?

Are ya'll open Memorial Day?

Take advantage of this breezy over cast weather and come tour with us!!

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Where is this.

Is there particular good time to come during the summer??

do y'all have rv parking spots and if so how much is it ??

Zoos have it all wrong, this is how viewing exotic animals should be

Wow!! I didn't know Louisiana had giraffes a zebras!! Gary Woodward I want a zebra....please???? Pretty please???

Omg simply love this place,was there in march 2017,actually got to feed tge giraffes.

Tish Shelton we are loading everyone up and going this summer!

Just did! Thank you for the wonderful, informative tour, as usual!!!

We just left there! Had an awesome time!

Joy Landrum remember when we went here?

Stacie Baudoin we need to do this one day!!!

Alex Holden can we go there one day

John Baker please take me here! 😍

Hope Comeaux Hunter Ogle Delana Comeaux Morgan Faith Comeaux we need to take Braylon this summer

Sheila PahlavanDillon Alexis Yost we are going

Christian Schenker Rick Cline Alaina Dutil... this looks like a cool day trip? Have you guys been here before?

I can tell you this Christine! First tour is the best...not as crowded, not as hot, and the animals are especially hungry!

Love this place😎😎😎

Al Kamest please bring me here

Madalyn Oxner Howard this is the place i was talking about!

Can you accommodate handicap people?

Tori Elizabeth Lormand Therese Briscoe this is the place I was talking about.

Brittany Clark LeBlanc We should take the boys!!

Taylor Davis

Morgan Sanford. Zack Lott. Lindsey Smith Lott

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Are you guys open on Sunday?

We went today with our school! It was awesome!!! You guys did a great job with the number of schools that were there.

Wanda Boe McLeod take little geroeg and the kids.

Kylie Belanger😍😍😍

Looking for something fun to do with the kiddos this summer? Book your private tour and discovery an adventure like none other! #globalwildlifecenter #safariinlousiana

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This place is AWESOME. we hand fed giraffes and several other animals. They have a giant Dairy cow that just loves people. I highly recommend a visit here for anyone

We'll be there in July. My 6 year old keeps telling me the animals are hungry and he has to feed them. We live in Europe and come home every summer. πŸ˜‚

Took my grand daughter and we was so disappointed cause the only thing we didn't get to see was the giraffe's πŸ˜” we had a fun anyway..

You won't be disappointed Ashton we did the private tour and it was Amazing

We have a field trip booked for Friday. The weather looks ugly. How do y'all handle severe weather?

Been a lot of places. Private tour. One of the best tours I've ever taken.

we went about 2years ago, best vacation ever πŸ˜³πŸ˜ƒ, very educational for anyone

Gretchen I wanna do their private tour for my bday probably next year tho

Diannia Hall-Clutts you need to come and get your giraffe fix

Michelle Plaskett Blackmon look the private tour gets all up in it

Torie Burge Hester this is what Shane was was talking about.

Sue Higgins and Garry Ernst we are going to have to go do this when y'all come back down

Simone Boudreaux Owen Tony Owen here's the place we told y'all about near Folsom!

Miles Cormier lets go see the animals? πŸ˜€

Jamie Klenc da muess mer hin naechstes jahr mitn joshua :)

Chad Herndon we have got to do this when she gets older

Jackie Lee we need to go while uncle Chaz Lee is home

Best time ever

We love it❀️❀️❀️

Amanda Musick lets take the girls one weekend before it gets to hot!

Love this place.

John Baker I NEED to go see these giraffes. NEED.

Please Diane if you go let me know!

This is in Louisiana people! Rob Renfroe Natalie Renfroe Jay Grisham Jessica Grisham Joe Davis Katie Crosby Tyler Berch Rebecca Berch Sarah Berry Meagan Babb Becca Werner Trotter Daniel Trotter

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Its such a beautiful day to tour at Global Wildlife Center! #globalwildlifecenter #safaritour #africanadventureinlouisiana

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Went this past weekend, had a blast but we only seen one Giraffe and no Bison. Thought we would see more.

Is the tour wheelchair accessible

Always enjoyable with great staff and beautiful animals. They are doing a great job at animal conservation

Terri and Stephanie - this is what I was talking about

Can't wait to come back. Got rained out last time.

Hope it's this pretty tomorrow for our field trip! πŸ˜€

Love this place!

Sean Moppert look at what they have

Gail Bazzel Butts show Paw....this is what you ride onπŸ˜€

Danielle and Tori were awesome

Kim Krause if you wanna check out their fb page. πŸ˜ƒ

Jenny Barrios lol, jk

Kristen Duran

Holly Ann Crain

DLavon Price

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