Global Wildlife is participating in the job fair at Southeastern today! Stop by, say hello, and fill out an application!
Global Wildlife Center is excited to welcome Kamelia! Kamelia was born to her mother, Kameel, on Sunday, July 30th at 9:30 pm. Kameel, an experienced mother, has taken well to her calf. Kamelia is learning her new surroundings and has been adjusting well to her new 900 acre home! 
Kamelia was named after her mother Kameel. Kameel turned 24 years old on June 13th. This makes Kameel the oldest giraffe at Global Wildlife Center. Reticulated giraffes live to be about 25 years in the wild and have been known to live longer in captivity.

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Deb here: Debby, how beautiful this sweet baby and Mama are. Kamelia is nursing in one of the pictures. That is something I will never take for granted again. Kameel is absolutely beautiful and you can tell she is an experience Mama. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I love the name they chose for this precious baby girl.

OMG OMG OMG A BABY GIRAFFE CAN WE PLEASE GO SEE IT!!!!???? Danielle, Kristen, Jessie

Jenifer don't die....but cute.

Welcome to FB and the world Kamelia! Great job Kameel. Great to see you and you should know that you are loved by many humans who value ALL life. God Bless you and continue to thrive.❤️🍼❤️🍼❤️🍼

Awe she's beautiful! Mama and baby seem to be adjusting well and nursing going well thank goodness! Thank u for sharing these they r beautiful!

Scott, I wanna see the baby giraffe.

Christina Jackson Kylie Passman our next trip!?

Montaha Msameh خذي راويه كتير حلو رح تنبسط

Persephone Smith have you ever been here?

Kerry Amos Jessy Mdz Ryan Schexnayder when are we going to see the baby giraffes?!?!

Blake Morgan now we have to go back so we can see the new baby giraffe!!

Marti Mansell

Wow !!!! Beautiful pictures ...... Congrats to one amazing giraffe , Kameel and her little one !!!!

how exciting, another beautiful giraffe. Love them so much. 💟💋

Our own baby giraffe close to home😙! We have to go see her, so cute


Jerry Zach Thomas this is the place to bring ur kid too

Beautiful, Kameel and Kamelia are both doing well. Love their area to run

Congrats to all. Baby and Mama look beautiful. I can't believe that Mama is 24. God Bless her!! <3

Kate Carlson looks like i need to come back down so we can go!

Beautiful baby and mama. What a wonderful place, 900 acres. Very beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.

900 acres? What a spread for them to roam! So I suppose they stay out at night? And how many are in the herd?

Is Kameel with her there

Thank you for the update. They are both beautiful and I am happy everything went well for Mom and Baby.

Welcome Kamelia! It is so Wonderful to see a picture of you! Love to You and Your Mother, Kamelia!

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Updated tour times for Saturday, July 29th have been posted to the website. If lightening is detected within 10 miles of the property the tour will be canceled. For more information please call (985)796-3585 Ext. 0. ... See MoreSee Less

Thank you X-Press Summer camp for joining us this summer!

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Thank you for having us Global Wildlife Center! Always a blast & wonderful educational experience! :)

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Do you have to make reservations ?

Think Will likes the animals in pens

Ashley Davis this is the place I was talking about.

Love this place..... been there twice this year already!!! ❤️

So much fun! Lacey Macy Mondor, Micah Mondor, Kyle Roy, Roy Jenkins !

Ok Elizabeth McNeill

Kenny Ledet

Linda Banks Laird

Linda McCall

Stacia Allison

Al Kamest

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Global Wildlife Center had the pleasure of having Duff Goldman tour with us today! Thank you Paul LeBlanc for guiding our special guest!

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That is one of the coolest guys I've ever gotten to tour with! Enjoy the rest of your stay in New Orleans, Duff and friends!

Brett Kling I knew we should've went to global wildlife today 😩😩😩😩😩😩

I have met so many wonderful people at Global Wildlife. Yesterday, it was an entire family. We had the pleasure of riding in the back wagon with the parents, grandparents, and children of all ages ( including 4 adorable babies). It was so much fun watching those who were having the experience for the first time AND the returnees. We have met visitors from all over the country. Each had stories to tell I wont remember their names but I WILL remember their enjoyment of the tour. The GW staff greets each one with smiles and treats them with courtesy and respect. We always enjoy seeing you guys

It's one of the BEST places! We loved our visit.

Julie Robichaux Hebert y'all missed duff goldman

That's awesome !!

So awesome!!!!

So jealous!

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Thank you for sharing! Glad you guys loved it! :)

Tyler Payne and Cameron Callighan check this place out

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