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I think posts like this are fab


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Love love love ❤️ this place we went a few years back and thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved the interaction with the animals

Darlene- we should plan a trip here sometime.

Liz O'Neal Smitherman this is the place we went outside of New Orleans that I mentioned to you.

Melinda Lodge

Brandy N Holcomb Dakotah Holcomb Bert Barras we need to take the kids here

Jessica we could do this sometime. I bet kids would like it. Not far from where you live.

This is a great place, grandkids wanting to go back!!!!

April Flores... this is the place I was telling you about.

Tracy Matherne Beard

LOTS of Wild Deers. Only a FEW Giraffes that's not always close enough to HAND FEED.

At least the giraffes in Louisiana can drop their babies on time! #April 😂

Yep you can hop over there

Quinn Morris and Carsyn Morris

Kristyn- ok we definitely should have roadtripped all the way up there...

Adam DeRusha lets go back!!

Shawn Bryant

Cade Micheal Harvey i want to go here.😊😄

Rheanna Daily

Suzie Carter

David Pierce

Cecy G. Aguilar

Ashley Dueitt Imel They were recording this while we were there yesterday.

If you love fallow deer, you'll love GWL. Lol I wish it was still as great as it was 15 years ago when I was a kid when they had more variety.

Christina Parker

Sounds great... except the last two times I've been they didn't even take us near the giraffes?

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Camilla Breland

Jamie Gautreau

I can't wait to visit Global Wildlife Center

Jennifer Gosnay we have to gooooo

Amy Gosselin Brown!!!!

Lindsay Breaux

Angelique Joubert I wanna go

Julian Semmes

Daniel Oseguera

I can't wait to go next week. I love giraffes, I hope I will be able to get this close

Last time we went didn't get that close so I sure hope we can get this close to them where we can feed them..

I was so excited to see my favorite animal which is the giraffes. I visited this place last week and it was not at all the way they advertise feed them out of your hand....what a joke. We were never close enough to feed them so my visit was a waste.

Tammy Seal Mcbeth

Jordan Chalden

Pamela Adams

Jacelyn Johnson

Bobbi LeCoq 🤗

Emily Gregory Branstetter😁

Kamye Watson

My daughter cried when we went to glob wildlife and the giraffes wouldn't come to the cart, she would LOVEEE this!


Alexis Poindexter can't wait!!!

Oundria Jones Ahlers

Oh wow!!! I have to do this!

CJ Williams

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The center will be transferring to a new phone system this morning! If you have trouble getting through, please email We apologize about any inconvenience. ... See MoreSee Less

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Will y'all be open the weekend of Easter?

Will yall be open on mothers day may 14th.?

I was wondering if we needed a reservation for a group of seven on April 15?

How much are the tickets

who else gets it ?

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I use to live in Covington, born & raised in NOLA but have never been to the GW. Next time I am in that area I am going. I have been wanting to for a long time.

You go guys and gals!

The staff members at GW are Excellent. I don't believe I have ever seen a frown or heard a complaint or whine even when it was cold or hot or the tourers were loud. They make the trio enjoyable ALWAYS!

Susie Barber Trahan we need to go

Thank Yall for Everything!!!

They do a great job for LOPA.

We had a great time as always! Thanks Team Global for supporting LOPA! Can't wait for next years party! 💙💚

Great job again this year. Thanks

Thank Y'all for everything, on Saturday

Thank you! Job well done!

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We are excited to host Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency's donor picnic again this year. LOPA has rented our facility tomorrow to pay tribute to their donors, recipients, and all their families. The center will be closed to the public tomorrow for this event. We will reopen on Sunday, April 2, 2017. ... See MoreSee Less

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See y'all there!

Global Wildlife Center is proud to welcome Nala, our first baby Reticulated Giraffe born this year! Nala was born to her mother, Sara, on Sunday, March 26th at 8:47 pm. Sara, a first time mother, has graciously accepted her new roles of motherhood without trouble. Nala is slowly learning her new surroundings and has taken well to her new 900 acre home! 

All of Global Wildlife Center’s giraffes birth naturally on our preserve. Amazingly, the expecting mothers will let our animal care team know when its time to birth their young by excluding themselves from their herd. This process of natural birthing in a free roaming environment is much less stressful for the animals, and allows the best outcome for their young. Within minutes of birth the baby will stand and nurse from their mother. This is vital for their survival and an incredible sight to witness! 

Our new baby was given the name Nala by Mr. Ken Matherne, founder of Global Wildlife Center. Nala is a name of African origin meaning beloved. She will truly be a great addition to our herd! With the birth of Nala, Global Wildlife Center now has a herd of 14 Reticulated giraffes, making it one of the largest free roaming herds in North America. 

For more information on Nala or how you can get up close and personal with our giraffe family call 985-624-WILD or visit us on the web at

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Amazing, can't wait to visit

I can't wait to visit! We are extremely excited!

Bronwyn Coates

Dominique Robicheaux I want to take the kids

What sweet photos of mom and baby! ❤

Josh Boudoin

Awwww Haley Acosta Zeringue let's take the kids before it gets too hot, I love seeing the giraffes

Becky Williams Dystany Fosby ok now we HAVE to go! SOON!

Rachel Harris!!!!!! We just missed it!

Jeagan Luna

Can I just say Thank You for not posting it live on the internet and saying every day for 4+weeks that "today could be the day!". Thanks for the professionalism and respect for the right to birth in peace.

Claudia Thomas Miller. Lucy would love this next visit!

Mia Hoffpauir

Kourtney Sampy

Jeremy Creel, we need to take Timothy to meet the giraffe born on his bday!!

Melissa Chenier!! Baby giraffe! Just not April's 😂😂😂

Lauren Martin Antill Dana Molaison Angelle Boudreaux How awesome a baby giraffe born on Hunters Birthday!!! We just missed it!! !

Justeen Loga we need to go visit

We will see Nala soon Celina Naquin

Alexis Menard Brianna Forgason we need to go see this new baby!

Morgan Hayka 😍

Katy Davidson Monnot

Tammara Cunningham next time yall come we are going here

Donna Vicknair

What is a Reticulated Giraffe?

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