Another amazing photo from @photographytwobytwo of our beautiful Grant’s Zebras sharing a cuddle 😍. 

Zebras are actually quite social animals and participate in social grooming of each other with their teeth and lips. To humans, this can sometimes look like aggression, but it’s often just a form of affection and connection! #funfact #globalwildlife #wildlifephotography


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Beautiful picture!


#Repost Thanks for your kind words and for sharing this amazing photo, @vagabond3!
Dream travel experience in Louisiana. I’ve always thought the best way to teach @kidaugustine about new things is to have her experience them first hand. Learning about animals through a book is great, and we do a lot of reading, but being so up close and personal creates such a strong bond.  The private safari tour at Global Wildlife Center is an intimate experience for you and your family and the animals. And it’s reasonably priced for a family, too. Easy to get to from either Visit Baton Rouge or Visit New Orleans. I’d say this is a must do experience when in Louisiana ( Louisiana Travel).


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Danielle Moffett bring your girls here. They will love it

Katherine Parker next visit ❤️

Crystal Wednesday

Vinnie DeSalvo can we go before it gets cold outside?

Let's go Joey Besancon

I would be in heaven. ♥️

Marissa Hayka Woods this could’ve been me

Can’t wait to go , when it is a bit cooler

Stacy Burke we should go soon. While the Weather is nice

Andrea Stuckenschneider, road trip!

Carla Russell Weaver

Cassidy Hodgson Conover Hailey JaLene

Michael Durham

Zach Meaux

Christina Prescott Cruz

Paul Bellow

Michelle Fallad Bundy

Francheska Medina

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It’s our final day of kid-friendly costumes at Global Wildlife! Bring the whole family out for a fun filled day before you head out to trick or treat this evening! 🎃


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Caroline Martin I see your next costume

Happy Halloween 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃


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Y'all are so cute.


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Kristen Guillot lets bring B!

Happy fall, y’all!! 🍂We’ve got a high of 70 and a 100% chance of the perfect Sunday Funday! Come Safari with us!
Safari Wagon Tour times for Oct. 21st are 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, and 2pm!


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Trent Charles this is the place i was telling you about!

Faith this is what I was telling you about. Looks like fun and only had good reviews from people I've asked about it

Brittany Doyle Mary Doyle we gotta go

How long does a tour last?

Beautiful 🦒

The private tours are great, we've done 2 of them now...we are due to return :)

Nick Da'Juan Gatlin this where y’all should have took your sister

Coming for a private tour this afternoon with this perfect weather!

Great trip for the grandchildren! They love seeing the animals up close.

Michael Lewis

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4 weeks ago

Global Wildlife Center

Have you experienced our Private Tours yet?!

Our visitors love this exclusive version of our Safari Tours! You and your group will get a customized educational experience with your own tour guide in a 4x4 vehicle that can access almost any part of our property!

Just another way to learn what makes each of our 30 species so unique and worth conserving for generations to come.

Call to book your Private Tour today at (985) 624-WILD! More details on
... See MoreSee Less


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Vinnie DeSalvo can we please go?!

Monica Martin this is what I was telling you about!

I can’t believe you all have not gone there with the kiddos

We did the Private Tour this past Friday. It was Amazing. We loved it we will be back

Ive done the private tours twice and they are worth every penny!!! Coming back for another one with two friends who have never been in a few weeks <3

Private tour is the only way I’ll do it from now on! It was amazing and we got to see everything up close.

Great video - thank you all!

Wow! it looks really good x

I wanna go so bad!!!!

I didn’t do the private tour when I went but I had such a great time! I plan on taking my son next time we visit Louisiana. He would love it!

Jessica Nason Sevin. This is a must next trip!

Kyle Hatten Our next adventure!


Derek Holliman we need to do this soon!

We came from Nova Scotia Canada for the private tour. IT WAS SO PERFECTLY AWESOME!!!!!

Billy Williamson and Brian Williamson might be fun to do this with the family.

Love doing the private tour!!

Loved my private tour last year for my birthday. It was one of the greatest experiences getting so close to all these gorgeous creatures especially the giraffes which are one o my favorites. Our tour guide was awesome and was very patient with letting my Honey & i enjoy our ride at every stop. Great experience. 💟💋

I can't wait to see you all tomorrow for the 1230p tour!!!

We do a private tour 2-3 times a year and it is the BEST! Worth every penny!

We live in Illinois and we visit yhere in 2017 and I really enjoy. Hope to get a chance to take my boys

I booked one for next month. The grandkids will love it. Can’t wait!

Hannah Vizier Tranchina should we do this?

Tuyet We should do this some time

We loved our private tour and will definitely be doing this again next year now that my youngest is older. What's the best time of year to go?

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Today, while on a Private Pinz Tour, River Sullivan was caught smooching a giraffe! 

Thanks to Kristy Sullivan for sharing this photo! We appreciate your support of Conservation at Work!


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AJ Dysard this is where I mentioned taking the kids.

Gayle Gates Ramirez you need to take your boy for his birthday!!

Laura Labatut well darn

Haley Hebert better book that private wagon tour.

Maria Turner. this will be Jack In five years or less ❤️

Best photo ever 😍😍

Matt Cross need to take the kiddos here!!


Omg! So cute!

How awesome is this picture! We love this place!

We loved it!! Great memories and will be back soon! ❤️❤️

Such a loving picture!!! Thanks for the share!!! 😍

My dream..I love giraffes

It’s amazing. Don’t live too far away. Be sure to get a lot of corn. One cup is never enough.

I'm jealous!

Anna, when can we go?

Maryam Cotten



Debbie Patent Miller

Angel Lee

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How awesome is our Global Wildlife team?! Our Education Programs Coordinator, Tori, arranged a volunteer project for our staff over at Big Sky Ranch/CATNIP Foundation this week!

They had such a great time volunteering and we cant wait to set up another day to help out with projects around this amazing facility. Thanks for all that you guys do, Big Sky Ranch/CATNIP Foundation!!
Congratulations to the winners of our Caption Contest!! We drew names of all eligible entries and here are the results!


Youve each won 8 tickets to the Wooden Boat Festival! We hope you have a blast supporting one of our favorite local festivals!

Wooden Boat Festival, Madisonville, LouisianaImage attachment


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My mom ALWAYS wins!!

If any of the winners want to give their tickets to me, my family and I are here at Global Wildlife now 😍😍😍

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