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Global Wildlife Center welcomes Elsa, a baby giraffe, our little frozen miracle





Global Wildlife Center welcomes Elsa, a baby giraffe, our little frozen miracle!


Global Wildlife Center welcomes Elsa, our newest addition to the Reticulated Giraffe family. She was born on the frigid, frozen morning of Friday, February 5, 2016, hence her name Elsa from Disney's "Frozen". Within minutes after her birth Global Wildlife's staff noticed someting unusual. Maggie, Elsa's mother, wanted nothing to do with her. After much patience, Global Wildlife Center's operation team stepped into action to help with the survival of this vulnerable calf.

Baby giraffes, like many species, need their mother's colostrum immediately after birth to aid in the prevention of infection. Without this the baby would not survive. Thanks to our staff, Veterinarian Dr. Strickland from Lewis Greene & Associates, San Diego Zoo, and Tiffany Lockhart, Elsa has survived the most vulnerable time of her life. Elsa is being cared for by Global Wildlife's staff 24/7 in our heated lab where we are giving prophylactic antibiotics and feeding her from a bottle. Dr. Strickland says she is thriving and he could not hope for anything better! Elsa is released in a supervised are to play during the day and she is returned to her heated barn at night. She will continue to be bottle fed fo up to 6 months as she continues to get stronger and will be reintroduced to her family soon!