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Global Wildlife Center welcomes NEW baby Reticulated Giraffe!





Global Wildlife Center welcomes our New Baby Reticulated Giraffe!

Global Wildlife Center welcomes, Rylan, our newest addition to our Reticulated Giraffe family. Rylen was born to Kameel and Brees' on December 30, 2015. Kameel was our first giraffe born at Global Wildlife Center on June 13, 1993 over 22 years ago. Rylen, Brees' first baby, mader her entrance just in time to celebrate our 25th anniversary!

Rylen recieved her name in honor of New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees' daughter. Wehn our male giraffe, Brees, had his first baby girl the Global Wildlife team thought it was only appropriate to name her Rylen. Rylen has been spotted getting to know her surroundings. She is very active and loves to run!