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Best Place to Visit with your Children and Grandchildren



Global Wildlife Voted One of the Best Places to Visit with the Kids/Grandkids

New Orleans - December 15, 2009 Global Wildlife Center was recognized as one of the Best Places to Visit with the Kids/Grandkids in the State of Louisiana by the Encore Louisiana Commission at a ceremony in New Orleans.

"The Top 50 for 50+ showcases the best Louisiana has to offer - the places, sights, and experiences that make life in Louisiana at 50 and above so unique," said Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu, who oversees the Encore Louisiana Commission.

Over 3,000 votes were cast by online voters during the Top 50 for 50+, a state initiative to entice people 50 and above to move to or stay in the state of Louisiana.

As recipient of the honor, Global Wildlife Center and Foundation will be eligible to qualify for a grant from the Encore Louisiana Commission to support initiatives that will build affinity for the State of Louisiana and contribute to the quality of life of persons 50 and above.

"Global Wildlife Center is thrilled with the distinction as one of the Best Places to Visit with the Kids and Grandkids in the State of Louisiana. On a Global Wildlife Center safari, you're able to learn through touch. The adventure brings out the kid in all of us. It's hard not to find your inner child when you are getting eye to eye with giraffes or wiggling a camel's humps! It's an experience that visitors of all ages enjoy, whether they are 2 or 92!" says the Center's Education and Development Director, Christina Cooper.

Sue Durr, 54, an Amite native , says ,"I never tire of bringing my grandson Kain here.  He took his first Global Wildlife safari before he was even a year old, and he's 7 now. From the joy in his eyes when he hears we are coming, to the expressions on his face when the giraffe stick their heads in to give him a kiss, or when the Cape eland steal his feed cup, the experience is priceless."

Global Wildlife Center staff makes it easy for grandparents to enjoy a Global Wildlife Center safari. The animals roam free while the children are contained during the tour in a covered wagon pulled by a tractor. Grandparents will enjoy the comfortable padded seating, and the wagons offer a ramp for accessibility. Because value is always a concern, Global Wildlife Center offers discounted senior tickets. For extra value, many grandparents purchase a membership to Global Wildlife Foundation. Grandchildren and children covered on the membership are interchangeable, and membership benefits include free safari wagon tours for an entire year.